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LMS Industry Mashup – Let’s Go Mobile

Welcome to the latest LMS Industry Mashup. Mobile and responsive design is becoming a hot topic in the LMS and courseware development space. We’ve pulled together the top articles over the past couple weeks to get you started. Be on the lookout over the next couple months for our Ultimate Guide to Mobile Courseware Development. Leave a comment below and we’ll be sure to include you on the list to receive it once it released.

Choosing a Responsive Image Solution
Responsive design is a critical component of creating cross-device compliant content. Whether it is for websites, apps, or mobile courseware development. One of the most frustrating aspects of responsive design is finding the right responsive image solution. There are plenty of solutions out there, each with their own set of advantages. Smashing Magazine put together a great article that compares and contrasts the most popular responsive image solutions and how to implement it to best suit your need.

Adaptive or Responsive Mobile Design for eLearning
Even though responsive design is already widely adapted for the web, mobile courseware and learning management systems have fallen way behind the times. It is no longer cost effective or scalable to create separate content for each and every device out in the market. The ICS Learning blog discusses how mobile courseware needs to start integrating responsive design and how it all starts with the authoring tool. While many popular authoring tools have planned releases for integrating responsive design, time will tell who gets it right first.

iPad Learning Strategies that are Doomed to Fail
iPads are the single most popular tablet device in the world, but even as tablet technology is widely adopted, many organizations are not leveraging tablet-specific learning strategies to their full potential. It is a well-known fact that users behave and consume custom content differently on a tablet vs. a traditional desktop machine. How many times have you had to sit through a 45 minute slideshow viewed on an iPad (reduced down to 8pt font)? Luckily, QStream has written an excellent guide on tablet learning strategies including common mistakes to avoid and must-haves for your tablet learning experience.

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