How to Upload a Batch of New Users and Simultaneously Send out an Email Notification with their Account Information

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Many of our customers need to upload a batch of new user accounts and would like the ability to send out an email to the new users containing their account information. This document outlines the process of how to perform a user batch upload that will then trigger an email to be sent to users with instructions on how to log into their new user account. All of the user accounts will be configured with the same password that the user will then be prompted to change after they have logged in for the first time.


Create the Email Notification

It is necessary to configure and activate the email notification prior to performing the user batch upload so that the notification is active and will be sent when your users are created. Setting up a new email notification in Inquisiq R3 is easy and consists of two parts.

  • The first part is to establish the trigger event and set up the options. There are a variety of trigger events to select from, but for this application we are interested in the event, “User Created.”
  • The second part of configuring the email notification is to enter the email message itself (including both the subject and body text). For this application, the body of the email should include the default password (example: ABC123) and login instructions for your new users. Note that a powerful feature in Inquisiq email notification is the ability to personalize the message by using placeholders. Placeholders give you the ability to insert or merge in specific information into the email. For example, the placeholder of ##user_login## will automatically insert the unique username for each user, which is very useful in this application.

The users can then follow the directions in the email to log into their new user account with the provided login information (username and password). Please note that “System Manager” Permission is required to configure email notifications.

To Create the Email Notification:

  1. Click the Administrator Menu button on the Main Menu.
  2. Click the Email Notifications icon.
  3. email-notification

  4. Click the New Email Notification icon.
  5. new-email-notification

  6. Enter a name for the email notification that will be seen by the administrators (not users).
  7. options-panel

  8. Select “User Created” from the “Event” dropdown menu in the Event/Recipient section to send this email notification when a new user account is created.
  9. Select “User” from the “Recipient” dropdown menu in the Event/Recipient section to send the email to users.
  10. Click the Message tab to configure the text for the email. Below is an example of how you can configure your message with login credentials.
  11. message-panel

  12. Click Save Changes.
  13. notification-save


Perform the Batch Upload

Now that you have created your email notification, you can configure your batch upload spreadsheet, convert it to a tab delimited text file, and perform the batch upload. The formatting of this text file is critical to a successful upload. Please note that “User Creator” Permission is required to perform a user batch upload.

To upload a batch of users:

  1. Click the Administrator Menu button on the Main Menu.
  2. Click the Users icon.
  3. Click the New User Batch icon to add a batch of users.
  4. new-user-batch

  5. Configure your batch upload spreadsheet. An easy way to do this is to use a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel to format the data into different columns.
  6. Enter an email address for all of the users in column D (the Email column).
  7. Enter the same password for all of the users in column F (the Password column). This password should be the same password listed in the body of your email notification.
  8. Enter “1” in column G for all of the users (the Must Change Password column).
  9. Verify that your batch file is formatted correctly. The Batch screen provides a reference guide on how to format the tab-delimited text file for the user batch upload.
    Note the following before uploading your batch data file:

    • The uploaded file must be a tab-delimited text file (with extension .TXT).
    • Include all data columns (even those marked as NOT USED) in your file.
    • All required fields must have data.
    • Do not enclose cell values in quotations (“”).
    • Do not include tabs in cell values.
    • The “Supervisor” field (if used) must be populated with the supervisor’s username.
    • The “Country” field (if used) must be populated with the country’s 2-character code.
    • Do not include column headers.
    • Be sure that no extra empty lines exist at the end of your file. Programs like Microsoft Excel, when saving to tab-delimited format, can sometimes insert blank lines at the bottom of the file. You can go into the text file and delete these empty lines so that the last character of the file is the “D” of the “END” in the last row of data.
  10. Click the Upload Batch File icon.
  11. upload-batch-file

  12. Click Choose File to select the desired tab-delimited text file from your workstation. Then click Upload.
  13. choose-file

  14. Click Close Window. Once the file is uploaded, it cannot be modified or removed. To change or correct the user information uploaded into your system, you will need to update the file and re-upload it into your system.


    Once the batch of users is uploaded, the email notification will be triggered and sent to all of the users contained in the batch upload. If your users are able to self-register and create their own accounts, you may want to deactivate the email notification or alter the body of the message, as any new user will receive this email notification with the default login credentials.

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