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LMS Hosting: Our Inquisiq Datacenter

Many people ask us about the details of our Inquisiq Hosting services. It’s no secret; we are very proud and pleased with our relationship with Expedient.

Expedient Data Centers provides the optimal environment in which to house our critical systems. The data center provides redundant fiber connectivity directly to multiple Tier-1 carriers, including Level 3, and XO Communications. Expedient offers a fully redundant Cisco Powered network with 24x7x365 monitoring and redundant power sources.

Inquisiq is primarily colocated in the Tide Point complex of Baltimore, MD, where many technology-driven businesses also reside (, Under Armour, and Mercy Hospital, for example). Our backups are copied off-site to other Expedient DC locations.

The facility is only accessible by approved personnel only and the security surveillance system, multi-level card access, and on-site personnel assure that you have the highest level of monitoring and security. No one accesses the facility without proper authorization and escort.

Our data center boasts redundant electric utility power feeds from two separate sub-stations. And the 1,000 kilowatt auto-cutover diesel generator – with its 500 gallon fuel tank and disaster fuel delivery contract – ensures complete power redundancy of all network services. In addition, the facility includes multiple Leibert cooling systems, an 18-inch raised floor and advanced fire suppression system. When many facilities in the region loose power, flood, or overheat, Expedient’s facility remains fully powered, cool, dry and completely operational.

ICS LMS Hosting – Features and Benefits

  • Redundant Internal Network Infrastructure
  • Fiber ring connectivity
  • Secure cabinets
  • 24x7x365 on-site monitoring
  • 24x7x365 secure access
  • SSAE-16 and PCI-DSS compliant environments
  • Multiple UPS auto-failover systems and On-site Diesel Generator
  • Controlled temperature and humidity
  • Fire and lightning suppression

Access to our application and database servers are limited to authorized ICS personnel only.

Firewalls installed on the servers are configured to reject traffic on all unauthorized ports. An attack must come through an open port so by closing as many as possible, we have reduced the “doors” through which an attacker can gain entry.

Offsite Backups:
All application and database servers backup their data automatically to off-site locations to ensure your data remains safe. In case of a failure or accidental deletion, files can be restored remotely within a few minutes. Additionally, the backup servers maintain rotating copies of data so files may be restored from various dates.

SSL Certificates:
With an SSL certificate installed on the site, your users will see the familiar “padlock” icon in their browser. The SSL certificate encrypts the data during transfer between the server and the user’s browser so that anyone who intercepts the transmission will not be able to read the data.

Contact us for any questions about our LMS SAAS or Installed application hosting services.

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