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LMS Industry Mashup – 07/24/2013

Welcome to our first industry mashup post – where we have pulled together a few resourceful articles that are all about about eLearning and the LMS industry. We hope you will find them useful!

12 Common Complaints about Learning Management Systems (LMS)

When you ask anyone in the learning community about their Learning Management System (LMS)
9 times of out of 10 you are going to here “I wish our LMS had this feature”. Our friends at Connect Thinking put together a list of the top 12 gripes people have with their current LMS. Most of the items that were brought up surround difficulties with the user interface and the LMS not having the reports that we need. The InquisiqR3 LMS addresses many of these concerns check out the full InquisiqR3 LMS features list here.

Free Stock Photo Resources for eLearning

One of the most difficult things when creating new courses is finding the right media to support it. Creating media and images can be very time consuming and can also be expensive if you are hiring a full-time designer. One the other side you can always use stock photo sites, but many times they make you pre-pay for “image credits” and it can be a difficult task finding the right image. eLearning Industry has put together The Ultimate list of Free Stock Photos Sites for eLearning if you are looking for (royalty free) media to use in a pinch.

Guide to eLearning Conference in 2013

It seems like the number of eLearning conferences is growing exponentially year over year. As the number of conferences grow it becomes more difficult to filter out the noise and make sure you are attending the right conference for your business. Many times conferences that were once fantastic can turn into dog and pony shows where each presentation turns into a vendor sales pitch. We have found that the vertical specific conferences tend to be the best opportunity to network and freely exchange information without being too salesly. eLearning Online has put together a comprehensive list of all the eLearning conference in 2013. InquisiqR3 will be attending the DevLearn conference this year in Las Vegas (October 23 – 25), stop by our booth to get our guide to Mobile Courseware Development in 2013.

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