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While we are always happy to provide direct support to all of our Inquisiq clients, we know that many of you like the self-service approach. To support goal, we have been hard at work creating as much support documentation as we can – from simple ‘how-to’ explanations to more detailed configuration and customization discussions.

Here’s a partial listing of some of the more popular KB articles on our LMS Support site.

Inquisiq R3 Server Requirements (link TBD)

Developed for ease of use and administration, Inquisiq R3 requires no fancy installation tap dance on either the server or the client. A basic understanding of IIS and MS SQL is necessary, but if you happen to get stuck, our support staff is available and willing to lend a helping hand…

Mail (SMTP) Service Configuration

These instructions assume that you are using the web server’s IIS SMTP service for delivering email. If you are using a different SMTP server, the same basic principles will apply, however the steps to achieve this result may vary…

DNS Configuration

Since any sub-domain in the URL is a potential LMS account; it is recommended that you configure your domain with a “wildcard” host record. With this record any sub-domain name a user enters in their browser address bar will be directed to your server and the LMS will automatically attempt to deliver the account that corresponds to that sub-domain name…

Page Cannot Be Displayed Error

When accessing a page in the LMS, the browser displays a “Page cannot be displayed” error. There are many possible causes, but you must first turn off friendly http errors to see the actual error code…

Typical Scenario for Creating Batch Users

Importing a large number of users without having to manually collect preferred passwords; in order to create a large group of users, Inquisiq R3 has a “New User Batch” import feature that allows you to import large numbers of users. The New User Batch has instructions on creating the tab-delimited text file that can be used for the import. One of the fields that is required for these batch imports is a password…

Replacing a Lesson in R3 (link TBD)

An existing lesson needs to be updated with new content. How do you replace the contents of an existing lesson without losing current/related scores, status, and data?

We list more common issues in future posts. For now, any other questions you may have on working with the Inquisiq LMS, please visit the Knowledgebase on our Support site.

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