Pre-Built Courseware

Pre-built courseware for your Inquisiq LMS

Acquire the knowledge you need to succeed with pre-built courseware. We have partnered with several leading providers offering thousands of pre-built courses, ready to load into your Inquisiq LMS today!

Choose Your Desired Learning Style

Shorter, Focused and Tactical Video Lessons

  • Short, entertaining, just-in-time videos
  • Training on one specific task or goal, while on the job!
  • 15 minutes or less!
  • Includes printable student materials and review quizzes
  • Great on mobile devices!

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Comprehensive, Targeted Lessons in a Click-and-Read Interactive Format

  • Learner-friendly course design
  • Slideware structure with tests and assessments
  • All-Inclusive & comprehensive courseware content
  • Interactivity engages the learner with the course material!
  • Learners can print slides or take notes within the course!

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