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We’ve mentioned our primary reviews before in a previous post, but we just came across this third-party review and thought we’d share!

“You would be hard put to find another system that offers you as much flexibility and all the options and reporting as this program. As a company that lives and breaths eLearning, you cannot do better than Inquisiq.”- Stephanie Watson/GetApp See the full review

Other testimonials and reviews below:

“Other hosted LMS services require many $1000’s, a commitment, and lengthy consulting before you are up and running. On the other hand, can be set up by you in a matter of hours for very little cost and no commitment. The top pros are: – No risks!! No contracts! – Ease of setup and management – Full access to graphics web margins that do not compromise our corporate branding (the others forced their own controls in the top margin) – Highly competent support staff that ALWAYS replies quickly! Usually in less than 2 hours – Full SCORM 2004 support (I have not encountered any issues) – Possibly the highest value for your dollar in this hosted LMS market – Option to purchase the LMS for self-hosting – No significant downtime – Batch new learner uploading is a huge time saver. I wrote an app to automatically convert our CRM output directly into Inquisiq readable format. I can now process over 100 learners in less than 1 minute!” – Shawn Connelly, Professional Services Engineer at Faronics Corporation

“Stable SCORM implementation. Superior logical design and physical system implementation. Intuitive interface. Very high value for every fee dollar. Contract clear, easy, straight forward, with no long-term commitment. Vastly superior to Adobe ConnectPro in every category. Attentive and highly competent American technical support.” – David Hughes, Principal at D. Hughes & Co.

“The system is extremely stable, easy to use and easy to upload SCORM files. It does not take an ARMY to manage the system. You can manage the system with 1-2 empoyees for 10,000+ employees. 99.99% up time! Instant Email Notification for System Events Easy to use – some of our users are first-time computer users and they find their way the first time! User friendly for administrators too. Reporting is Robust – pull a report on any field or event in the system. Very easy to use. Developers Listen and Incorporate Enhancements Developers always pick up their phone! Everyone there knows what they are talking about and understands the system for the most part.” – Mindy Letourneau, Managing Director at Casino Essentials

“eHealthSolutions has been quite pleased with our licensing of InquisiqR3. We needed to train several thousand customers in a very short period of time in order to support the federally mandated MDS 3.0 changes to our product. All users needed to be trained, assessed, and reported within a two week period before 10/1/2010. We accomplished this goal with relative ease hosting our training through InquisqR3. I have extensive experience with learning management systems, having purchased them for both small and large companies. My present team, however, did not have much experience at all. They (and I) have been very pleased with the ease of use and level of functionality we get with InquisiqR3. Frankly many systems provide features that add complexity but relatively little value. ICS Support has been fantastically responsive. They are friendly and knowledgable. We use the hosted version of InquisqR3 and have had virtually no down time.” – Joe Richer, Senior Director of Knowledge Management at eHealth Solutions

“I spent months looking at learning management systems in detail before I selected one. Inquisiq R3 proved to be versatile, highly customizable and easy to use. I am glad I got it. Customer support is great. I have not hesitation in recommending Inquisiq R3 for someone who wants a pure LMS. Remember, though, that it is not a content development system and it doesn’t pretend to be one.” – Rob Parkinson, Director at Writing for Results Inc.

“My company has been utilizing the SaaS implementation of InquisiqR3 and I can honestly say that it is the closest thing I’ve seen to a perfect LMS. The UI makes jumping in head first a breeze on both the back end and front end, it is feature rich without being bloated, it has an API for us developers, the actual software seems to have been thoroughly bug-tested, the customer service is unlike anything I’ve seen with any company period, not just LMS companies, and the pricing structure is great. They even offer a one-time license fee that breaks outside the pay-per-user/SaaS model that is very affordable for such a great LMS…could probably keep going, but these are the highlights.

“If you’re looking for a well-priced, easy-to-implement, powerful LMS with built in e-commerce support… look no further, I won’t ever again.” – Douglas Dircks, Principal Developer at iM3-TrainingU24/7

“We have been thrilled with our decision…and have found it to be an extremely robust, customizable, and flexible LMS. We have been with them for almost 6 years and I recommend Inquisiq 100%.”-Rebecca Bazzle  Microburst Learning

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